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Hokkaido, in many ways whether in terms of geographical location, geological features and genetic origin, looks and feels like another country on its own. Blessed with wide and expansive rural wilderness distinctive to most of the nation’s tightly packed cities of space-age modernity, vividly painted throughout the seasons with the vibrant hue of summery lavenders and the pure white saturation of thick soft snow in winter, and bestowed upon it the freshest of seafood available anywhere in the country already well known throughout the world for its exquisite fish cuisine, this northernmost island of Japan will not disappoint whether you are a a first-time visitor, a seasoned Japanophile or an intrepid adventurer. Come discover this utopia on earth and get to know another side of Japan where Mother Nature reigns supreme.

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White Magic

Hokkaido has plenty to offer throughout the year but it is perhaps at its most atmospheric during the wintry season. Blanketed with white snow all across the island creating an otherworldly scene, street lamps lighting up the canals and lanes of charming cities such Sapporo, Otaru and Hakodate, and bustling ski resorts opening their doors to excited ski enthusiasts who can’t wait to conquer the slopes, Hokkaido is truly one of the world’s bona fide winter destinations. Start your snowy adventure and learn the tricks with a two-hour ski lesson by a professional ski instructor, pump up the adrenaline and zip across the wintry landscape with a thrilling ten-minute snowmobile ride, and then end it off by acquainting yourself with a native reindeer on a sledge ride - indeed a hypnotising spell to fall under surrendering to the white magic of Hokkaido.

A Seafoodies’ Feast

If you are not aware of Hokkaido’s location, we suggest to google it and you will come to realise why this island is reputed to be one of the world’s finest purveyors of fresh fish and seafood cuisine. With the Sea of Japan on the left and Pacific Ocean to its right, sea creatures grow meaty muscles and layers of fat in order to survive in the constant low temperature of the waters they live in, and this is why Hokkaido has an endless supply of fatty tuna, succulent scallops and the sweetest uni, otherwise know as sea urchin. When you are in Hokkaido, do not miss the opportunity to indulge in all these and more of the island’s scrumptious array of seafood but for a grand introduction, join us on our tours in which you get to savour Hokkaido crabs as much as you want in a buffet and be mesmerised by the theatrical display of a dancing abalone meal.

Seasonal Sleep

We have all heard of seasonal cuisines but how about seasonal stays and the opportunity to sleep near to where all the actions are according to the seasons. With our Hokkaido itineraries, we ensure you are right where you should be even when you are having some shuteye. Fancy waking up with the ski slopes just right before your eyes and you can have your breakfast and head to the slopes immediately wasting no time? Or staying near the wide swathes of lavender blooms and inhaling its irresistible scent as you tuck under the covers and retire for the night? If your answer is a resounding yes, we have reserved you a spot and got you all covered.