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Central Japan

Central Japan

Welcome to Central Japan, or known by locals as Honshu Chubu, where the history, culture and outlook of all things Japanese radiates from and gravitates towards. Boasting the nation’s greatest hits such as the pulsating capital of Tokyo, the nation’s perennial symbol Mt Fuji and the Kansai siblings of regal Kyoto and boisterous Osaka, all kinds of travellers will find it hard not to be impressed by the region’s stellar cast of tourism heavyweights. Be it city slickers looking to get entangled in the urban maze of arguably the world’s most energetic capital city, nature lovers and photography aficionados zooming in on the symmetrical perfection of Japan’s most symbolic mount, culture vultures searching for solace and history in the ancient streets of Kyoto, or fun seekers and food lovers hunting down the gregarious spirit and hearty cuisine of Osaka alike in equal measure, the heart of Japan is likely to be your best bid for a compelling narration of the country in one fell swoop.

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A Slower Take

While it is indeed hard to peel your eyes and attention away from all the modern temptations of Japan’s most urbanised region, there is plenty of nature’s bounty of treasures to be discovered in the hinterlands of Central Japan. Ride the tide of seasons by hopping aboard the Sagono Romantic Train in search of spring’s cherry blossoms or autumn’s fall foliage, or see a slice of Japanese fishery tradition before it disappears on a cormorant fishing experience tour. Taking your pace down a notch slower and going off the beaten path to recharge and rejuvenate, before heading back into the dizzying neon lights of urban life and then repeat again - now this is what we deem a well-balanced vacation.

Eating local

With a diverse geological span ranging from the Central Japan Alps to the sweeping shoreline of the Sea of Japan, the region is blessed with a myriad of local produce from tasty top-grade meats, the freshest greens and the most succulent seafood anywhere else in the world. Taste the generous spirit of Osaka with a hearty Kushikatsu set dinner in which skewers of meat and vegetables are deep fried to crispy perfection and succumb to the sweetest seafood in coastal Kanazawa, well known to Japanese foodies as one of the top destinations in the country to savour and satiate their penchant for excellent fish cuisine.

Split Your Sleep

Central Japan’s two biggest stars are undoubtedly Tokyo and Kyoto, and it is often hard to make a choice between the two no matter what your inclination is. With our Central Japan tours, you will never have to make that painful decision. By calling it two nights each in Tokyo and Kyoto and allocating equal sleeping time between both, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds, and did we even mention the stay in the capital is in a Tokyo Disney Land official hotel! Now, we are sure there’re not going to be any split opinions on this thoughtful sleeping arrangement.