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Partner Hiroshima’s poignant history and miraculous comeback with Shikoku’s often-forgotten utopia of natural beauty and spiritual perfection, this twin duo is always going to evoke the keenest sense of emotions whether it is that of the resilience of the human spirit or the wondrous creativity of Mother Nature. If you are chasing after an evocative holiday taking in Japan’s ancient beginnings, rural roots and modern history alike, this is a perfect match made in heaven in which you are guaranteed to see a side of Japan far removed from the bright lights and modern cosmopolitan image that most travellers only get to experience.

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Scenic Side Trips

Prepare your cameras as you embark on not one but two scenic side trips. Hop aboard the ferry to Miyajima Island and come face to face with one of Japan’s most iconic imageries, that of the grand torii gate of Itsukushima Shrine seemingly floating amidst the water during high tides. After getting plenty of pictures with the majestic structure, go on a journey of another kind between Matsuyama and Dogo. Take a trip back to memory’s lane with a ride on the Botchan Train in which its tiny locomotive and carriages will be chugging you on a picturesque route around the castle moat and to the charming olden station of Dogo.

Eat your fill

Peppered with rolling hills and encircled by glistening waters, Shikoku is a land blessed with wonderful produce both of the land and sea. Indulge in its regional specialities with a scrumptious nine-course dinner which is guaranteed to feature loads of fresh fish such as bonito, snapper, tuna or anchovies and the unique-to-the-region Saluki-Udon, noted all over Japan for their strong but smooth texture. And that’s not all, after exposing your palate to Shikoku cuisine, it is time then to satisfy your appetite with a Japanese buffet dinner and feast your eyes at the same time through an interesting fish-cutting demonstration.

Head to toe

Fancy donning a kimono, strolling along picturesque alleys and attempting to imagine the life of a geisha? Do exactly that in a kimono dress-up session in which you get to pick your favourite outfit, learn the way to wear the traditional costume and practise all the intricate manners and etiquette when in one. And after walking around town and taking enough photos to last you for a lifetime of memories, it is time to lay your feet to rest with a pampering and traditional Japanese foot spa. What a day of head-to-toe enjoyment indeed.